All about kyth + kyn

All about kyth + kyn

Wow! We've been in business for a year and what a ride its been! I have been asked a lot of questions about why I started kyth + kyn and what this business is all about. So I thought I'd write a little bit about my humble little start up. Enjoy!

The story behind kyth + kyn 

The concept of kyth + kyn started in Nov 2017 over a phone conversation with my mom. She had recently moved back to Hong Kong with my dad and we stay in touch by FaceTiming or speaking on the phone. On this particular day I was craving the homemade Chinese soups that she would make my sister and I weekly. I thought about how much I had took for granted these delicious healing broths. She would always tell us about what she puts in these soups and what they're good for but I had very little interest in what she would say because, well, she was going to make the soup for us regardless. But since she's left for Hong Kong, for the first time, I wish I had listened to everything she had tried to teach us. 

I told her I was craving the soups and asked her what I should put into them.

"Just add these herbs, put it in water and add some veg and meat"

...uhhh...ok mom that's really not too clear. That's when I decided I really wanted to learn about Chinese herbs, Chinese herbal soups and all the amazing properties she had always told me about. I discovered that a lot of Chinese millennials also felt the same way I do. Sooo...lightbulb moment happened and I realized I could take my learnings and share it with the world. That's when kyth + kyn was born.


What does kyth + kyn mean?

kyth + kyn (originally spelled kith and kin), means friends and family in Old English. Family, whether through blood or chosen, is at the core of Chinese culture and value. Caring and love often comes in the form of cooking. Parents’ “I love you’s” come in the form of home cooked meals and healing broths. The name kyth + kyn is an emphasis on Chinese ideals expressed in a Western way. A modern take on East meets West.


What does kyth + kyn want to accomplish?

Have you ever walked past a Chinese herbal shop and felt intimated by the fusion of weird smells, the sight of odd looking items, and the language barrier? At kyth + kyn, we want to become the modern Chinese herbal shop that eliminates all those barriers so that you can learn and experience the benefits of Chinese herbs. 

We strive to preserve the traditional Chinese methods to wellness by providing convenient and easy to use herbal products. All our products are crafted by a Holistic Nutritionist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor. This ensures that our products are safe for general consumption and are of highest quality (premium or organic). Our soup and tea blends are rooted in Chinese medicine and catered to alleviate common ailments. 


We're constantly learning and I'm so excited to continue growing this brand and knowledge of Chinese herbal wellness with you all! 



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