Remedies for spring allergies

Remedies for spring allergies

Spring has sprung - flowers are blooming and green grass is growing! As beautiful as they are, the seasonal allergies are REAL. The itchy eyes, stuffy yet runny nose (what's with that anyway?) and constant sneezing can be so frustrating and can hinder our ability to carry out every day tasks. (like wanting to get out of bed and face the pollen). 

Good news is, there are ways to help with these horrible allergy symptoms (hallelujah)!  Here are a few things you can incorporate into your daily lives:

1. Cut out dairy

Dairy is an inflammatory food and encourages mucous production in the body. When your body is already reacting to the influx of foreign matter in your body (pollen from flowers and other greenery), the additional mucous production from dairy products is the last thing you need! Try and cut out milk, cheese, whey, and other dairy products when your allergies are at its peak.


2. Add probiotics

I am a huge believer of the power of probiotics for health! Probiotics are healthy bacteria that your body produces and needs to fight off the bad bacteria that also live in the body. By incorporating high probiotic foods into your diet, you're helping your body build up its immune system to fight off pollen, dust, and grass. Try having some kimchi, miso or kombucha! During peak seasonal allergy time, I highly recommend taking probiotic supplements for a much needed immunity boost!


3. Try acupuncture

Acupuncture has been found to alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms by supporting the parts of the body affected. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lung and liver are affected when an allergic reaction occurs. By placing specific points on the body that boost the lung and liver functions, our bodies can naturally combat these symptoms. 


4. Drink water

I think most everyone needs to increase their water intake - this is especially true during allergy season. Drinking more water will help the body flush out mucous and ensure that the body has stable histamine levels. On average, adults should have around 8 glasses of water (250ml = 1 glass). So during allergy season you should make sure to at least have that amount if not more. 


5. Drink herbal teas

Drinking certain herbal teas can help with alleviating symptoms such as itchy skin/eyes, runny nose, stuffy nose, and overall congestion. We make a tasty tea that's wonderful during allergy season. It is called aller-free and it has a mild herbal, minty flavour. You can purchase it on our website here.


As a fellow sufferer of seasonal allergies, these things have helped me feel better so I can spend time outside and enjoy Spring! I hope these will help you too! 


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