Asian Heritage Month ft Janice Wu

Asian Heritage Month ft Janice Wu

Janice is a super talented illustrator who is proud to be Asian Canadian. Her art often has ties to Chinese cultural experiences and I find them not only beautiful, but also so very relatable! Continue reading to learn all about Janice. 


1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I am an artist and freelance illustrator who lives and works in New Westminster otherwise known as the unceded territories of the Qayqayt First Nations. My drawings explore material culture and the poetic possibilities of the everyday. I work in the traditional mediums of pencil and gouache on paper.


2. What does being Asian-Canadian mean to you?

As a second generation Chinese Canadian and a child of immigrants, my work often addresses cultural belonging, family history, and the diasporic experience. 

I am proud to be Asian Canadian and I believe our voices are crucial in the fight against systemic racism and white supremacy. My hope as an artist is that my work can create dialogue that celebrates our identity, pays homage to our heritage, while forging a future that not only uplifts our own people but all communities of colour in this country. 

3. How do you incorporate Chinese food therapy/Chinese herbs into your daily routine?

I am super blessed to have amazing parents who still make Chinese herbal soups for me! They are a great source of comfort, nourishment, and made with so much love. I hope to one day make my own herbal soups and be better versed in the ingredients and traditional recipes so that I can pass it on to future generations. Growing up, my grandma (ma ma) used to make 涼茶(Leung Cha) and call it "Chinese Coke" because it was brown and sweet like Coca Cola so that my brother and I would drink it! 


4. As Asian culture tends to put focus on the importance of family, can you share the fondest memory you have with your family?

My fondest memories are always the simple little things: sharing meals together at the dinner table.  My grandma (ma ma) expressed her love through her cooking and I will never forget how joyful she was when watching her family enjoy her dishes. She would always make extra so that we could bring home leftovers. My next series of drawings are inspired by this act of love and tender care-featuring rendered plastic bags stuffed full with containers filled with food and soup to bring home.

5. Where can people find you?

In person, you can find my Chinese Herbs series as public art work installed on utility boxes throughout Vancouver’s Chinatown.

This May, I will be selling my limited edition art prints at the Foo Hung Curios shop inside the Chinatown Storytelling Centre in Vancouver Chinatown for their Asian Heritage Month pop up! 

Online, I also have my prints for sale on my online shop here: 

And you can also view my artwork and commissioned illustration work on:

Instagram: @janicewuartist 

and my website:

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