Asian Heritage Month ft Shuobi Wu

Asian Heritage Month ft Shuobi Wu

I met Shuobi when I learned about Lineage Ceramics. I was instantly drawn to his story and learned that we had so much in common. Scroll down to read more about Shuobi and his roots to Chinese culture!


1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

My name is Shuobi. I'm currently a game designer and the owner of Lineage Ceramics. At Lineage, we are a family of ceramic makers for three generations, and our mission is to craft thoughtful tablewares for people to share memories with on their dining table. When I moved to Canada, it was more so a side hustle that I created out of homesickness. I've been away from home, Tesowa, for about some good 15 years now, but I am used to growing up in a big family of 30, surrounded by food, celebration, and gathering, Even now I am living in Vancouver, Canada, I can feel the nostalgia from my childhood, and it's been a great part of my culture that I wish to bring to my new home here in Vancouver.


2. What does being Asian-Canadian mean to you?

I am usually the type of person who likes to mingle :) To me, sharing is important. And cultures evolve when new, foreign elements are introduced. I think every culture can learn a thing or two from others. Luckily, there are circumstances in Canada that made this easier for people from different backgrounds, and genuinely appreciated. The basis of making such exchanges easier is to understand what we stand for, and in my opinion that's how our uniqueness will shine through as Asian-Canadians.

3. How do you incorporate Chinese food therapy/Chinese herbs into your daily routine?

Every time I traveled home, I will always bring back locally made Oolong tea and good Puer from Yunnan. They have been an integrated part of my life which would take incredible amount of efforts to undo that haha. That said, I've never been able to make Kungfu tea ceremony the same way my parents did. It's never the same quality. The Oolong tea tastes drastically different with just a few missteps.


4. As Asian culture tends to put focus on the importance of family, can you share the fondest memory you have with your family?

Tea ceremony. We do our Kungfu tea every day. After lunch, after dinner, visiting friends and families. Our social life could mean much less without it. I almost feel like I haven't burned my fingertips enough to make good Kungfu tea. Always amazed by how parents and elderlies rinse the tea set in hot water with bare hands. Simply mind-blowing.

5. Where can people find you?

We have our products in several stores and restaurants across Canada. The best way is definitely to find us online and at your local restaurants. In Vancouver, you can find us at Moe's, Parliament Interiors, Collective Goods, Fairmont Pacific Rim, Como Taperia, Delara, Jamjar Canteen Commericial Drive, and many more!

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