Chinese Herbal Soups

Chinese Herbal Soups

When it's cold out or when I'm feeling sick, I always crave a bowl of my mom's Chinese herbal soup. It is definitely one of my comfort foods. I love adding some rice with the soup and have it as a full meal! So what are these soups? And what makes them special?

Chinese herbal soups are healing broths that have mild medicinal properties to tackle common ailments. They're commonly made in Chinese households and each family has their own recipes. Many use similar Chinese herbs but different veggies and bones/meat. They're not the same as Traditional Chinese Medicine decoctions that practitioners prescribe, these are gentle tonics that are meant to nourish the body. 

Depending on the time of year or the needs of the family, different Chinese herbs are deliberately chosen to alleviate certain health concerns. For example, if someone is lacking rest, Chinese herbs can be put together to help with getting a restful sleep.

The nourish soup blend that we've created is a general wellness blend that nurtures the body - both mentally and physically. Chamomile helps with slowing down the mind during stressful times, while honey date and wild yam help boost immune functioning. You can grab a bag of the nourish soup blend here.

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