[RECIPE] Mille-feuille nabe

[RECIPE] Mille-feuille nabe

Mille-feuille nabe is a warming, homey and delicious dish you can easily make at home. A 'thousand layers' of napa cabbage leaves and pork belly slices are packed in a pot and gently simmered in a broth of your choice. This tasty meal only has a few ingredients and comes together quickly for a warming weeknight dinner!

This is our take on mille-feuille nabe 😊



-1 napa cabbage

-1 1/2 lbs sliced pork belly

-1 can of broth (we used chicken broth)

-3 c water

-1-2 tbsp soy sauce (depending on your taste preference)

-kosher salt to taste

-a splash of sesame oil

-chilli oil, garnish

-Asian noodles (we used mung bean noodles)



  1. Cut the napa cabbage into quarters lengthwise.

  2. Wash thoroughly and drain well.

  3. Put a piece of cabbage on a plate (or cutting board) and then put a piece of pork belly on top of the cabbage. Alternate cabbage and pork belly until you've stacked 4 pieces of cabbage together. Repeat this until you've used all the napa cabbage.

  4. Cut the stacks of cabbage and pork belly crosswise into 3-4 pieces, around 2" long.

  5. If you're using mung bean noodles (like we did), soak in a bowl of water.
  6. Choose a pot that will hold all the ingredients firmly in place. Arrange the cabbage pieces on their side as you pack them into your pot so the pink and green layers are visible. Start from the outer edges of the pot and work your way towards the centre.

  7. Once all the napa cabbage is tightly packed in the pot, pour the can of chicken broth over the cabbage and pork belly.

  8. Pour the water and soy sauce over the cabbage and pork belly.

  9. Cook on med-high heat until boiling. Once boiling, skim off the foam and fat on the surface using a fine mesh skimmer. Then, reduce the heat to med-low and cook until the napa cabbage is tender and the pork belly is cooked through (~8-10 mins).

  10. While the mille-feuille nabe is cooking, drain the noodles and add them into the pot.

  11. Once the ingredients are cooked, add a splash of sesame oil for a richer flavour.

  12. Garnish with chilli oil, if desired.

  13. Serve with some rice and enjoy!


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