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The Founders of kyth + kyn (Vivian) and Blended for You (Deanna) chatted all about how our digest tea blend is a great supplement to their 3-Day Cleanse. Here's the Q&A!

D: I'm a big fan of kyth & kyn for many reasons including the thoughtful combinations of ingredients used in your different blends, their effectiveness and that they taste really good (not bitter like so many other wellness teas). Can you please share the what-why behind your company?


V: kyth + kyn products are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and are made with you and your family in mind. Many of our products use Chinese food therapy which are meant to help your body find balance for optimal health. It's our goal to bridge the gap between cultural and language barriers to bring everyone the amazing benefits of Chinese wellness products. When my parents moved away, I was missing the homey, warm and comforting Chinese herbal soups my family would make. I realized that there are so many people who are in the same boat as me where we don’t fully understand the benefits of Chinese herbal wellness but are curious. kyth + kyn is a collection of my learnings turned into products that are created alongside Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors. 


D: I did our 3-Day Soup & Smoothie Cleanse + the digest tea (2 x a day) and loved it. It wasn’t too intense, but it really helped my system reset and clear (effective yet gentle is how I described it to a friend). Tell us about the tea ingredients in the Digest Tea and why they’re effective (but not in an extreme laxative-type way, which I really appreciated)


V: The Digest tea blend consists of peppermint, ginger root, and tangerine peel. Peppermint calms the GI tract by alleviating bloating, flatulence and heartburn. It also helps stimulate bile flow to improve digestion. Ginger has natural anti inflammatory properties and also helps reduce nausea. It can also boost nutrient absorption from your gut to the rest of your body. Tangerine peel is antiviral and is an antioxidant. It increases gastric enzymes to aid better digestion. These work together with the dandelion in the 3-day smoothie cleanse to help reset your body.


What are the Blended For You 3-Day cleanse plans?

The Blended For You Cleanse plans are a great way to health-reset.  The 3-Day plans include 15 nutritionally balanced blends (5 per day) packed with nourishing ingredients that help support your body's natural elimination process, boost energy & can even help clear brain fog. Check them out here: Blended For You Cleanse Plans.  Our digest tea is the perfect pairing with any of the Cleanses. 


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