Self-care 24/7

Self-care 24/7

Self-care is a term that's super popular nowadays and is thrown around a lot. But what does it really mean? Caring about ourselves sounds like it should be quite intuitive and easy to do; however, often times we get caught up with work or taking care of others that we unintentionally forget about caring for ourselves. Everyone's idea of self-care is different. For some, it's taking a trip alone, for others, it's having a nice movie and pizza night with loved ones.

I'm not perfect and I am still learning how to best take care of myself, but here are a few of my favourite self-care activities:

- doing a face mask, followed by an at home gua sha facial using the jade gua sha tool and my full nighttime skincare routine (my face is so soft the morning following this routine, I LOVE IT)

- saying no to social gatherings when I need alone time to recharge (This is something I've learned only recently. I never wanted to miss out on anything and would have major FOMO. But forcing myself to go out would sometimes end up harming my own mental health. The more I say no, the easier it is to decline invitations to things. If I'm not showing up to social gatherings in my best self, then its a sign for me to get myself to a place where I can be my best before being with others.)

- painting (I used to love arts and craft growing up, but as I've gotten older and adult responsibilities piled up, I always found an excuse to put off painting or drawing. My rediscovered love of painting has helped me become more creative in my work and makes me so happy!)

- hot cup of tea or grounding bevvie at night to wind down before bed (depending on what I feel like I need that night, I'll make a cuppa tea to ground myself before bed. On my heavy rotation are the rose tea, glow tea blend, dandelion root tea, and sometimes a reishi hot chocolate!)

- exercising (whether I like it or not, exercise always makes me feel better after. During COVID, I've really enjoyed doing spin classes and boxing at home. Following along on certain IG or YouTube exercise accounts/channels have been fun too!)


I wanted to share a few of my favourite kyth + kyn self-care products with you so I've bundled them together into our all new Beauty Bundle! The bundle consists of our pure gua sha tool, rose herbal tea and glow tea blend. Go check it out and add them to your self-care ritual!

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