If you haven't heard about where this trending hashtag came from yet, here's a little Cole's notes recap for ya. Recently, Michelle Li, a Korean American news anchor in Missouri was criticized for mentioning that she had Korean dumpling soup on New Year's Day. Someone went out of their way to send her a voicemail to say that they felt offended that this news anchor had mentioned Asian culture on national TV. This person said that Michelle was being "very Asian" and that "she can keep her Korean to herself".

This started the #veryasian movement where people shared their moments/things.

All the conversation about being #veryasian has helped me feel seen and oddly makes me feel like I finally have the permission to BE very Asian. It's like it was always inside of me and now I feel that I'm brave enough to share that part of myself. I've always said I'm a "white-washed" Asian, and sometimes with pride, but why? I think, as a collective, many of us are finding our voices to speak up and proudly about our traditions, culture, and cuisine. 

I thought it may be fun to share some #veryasian things about me:

- I celebrate TWO new years. New Years and Lunar New Year. 

- No shoes are allowed inside my home (other than home slippers, obvi!)

- The cheeks are my favourite of a steamed fish

- Nin Jion herbal cough syrup over Buckley's 

- I love drinking hot water over iced/cold water

- my Chinese name is my first name 

- Chinese herbal soups remind me of home 


What are some things that you feel make you #veryasian?  



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