Winter foods and self-care

Winter foods and self-care

Every season calls for different foods and activities that will best support our bodies. Continue reading to see how to nourish your body throughout these darker, colder months. 

These cold days call for warming foods such as soup, stews, and cooked foods in general. In TCM, wintertime is associated with the water element and our body's energy organs, the kidneys. Here are some foods and spices you should incorporate in your diet to keep well during the wintertime:

  • apples
  • beans (kidney, adzuki/red)
  • bone broths (homemade Pho is a great way to make bone broths into meals)
  • broccoli/cauliflower
  • cinnamon
  • daikon
  • ginger
  • leek
  • lemons
  • lentils
  • millet
  • pears
  • pumpkin
  • spinach
  • soups
  • stews
  • sweet potato

Winters are about slowing down, conserving energy, and rest. Unlike bears, we can't hibernate during the winter months (although, trust me, I've love to). So in our daily lives, we should find ways to conserve energy. Instead of focusing on cardio, mix in some yoga or pilates throughout the week. This is the time to look inwards so find time to reflect and introspect. I find journalling helpful to gather my thoughts. 

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