kyth + kyn (originally spelled kith and kin), means friends and family in Old English. Family, whether through blood or chosen, is at the core of Chinese culture and value. Caring and love often comes in the form of cooking. Parents’ “I love you’s” come in the form of home cooked meals and healing broths.

The name kyth + kyn is an emphasis on Chinese ideals expressed in a Western way.

A modern take on East meets West.


We are a modern take on the traditional Chinese herbal shops. We strive to preserve Chinese culture and provide intentionally crafted and curated products that are culturally rooted in Chinese medicinal food therapy. We focus on educating and normalizing the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine wellness so that we can introduce these great health benefits to everyone, regardless of your background.

chrysanthemum flowers and goji berries next to a wooden teaspoon on a plate

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Our food products use only premium or organic quality ingredients, are HACCP certified, and without harmful chemicals. They are lovingly crafted by a Holistic Nutritionist and consulted with Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors in Vancouver, BC.  

Every purposeful brand has a personal origin story. Read the personal story of why kyth + kyn was founded. 

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