FAQ - What are Chinese herbal soups/teas?

What are Chinese herbal soups/teas?

Chinese herbal soups and teas are natural remedies using specific Chinese herbs that can help alleviate certain ailments such as stress, boosting immunity, detoxification, and more. Different combinations of herbs have different affects on the body. The Chinese herbal products that kyth + kyn has put together are catered to various common concerns and made in a delicious and easy to make way. 

Do Chinese herbal soups have side effects?

Because the dosage of herbs in the soups are low, they are generally safe to use on a regular basis. As the herbs are rebalancing your body, you may notice more frequent trips to the bathroom but that's normal! 

Can I take Chinese herbal soups when I'm pregnant or on a strict diet?

You should consult with a healthcare provider prior to taking our products if you're pregnant or planning to go on a diet.