Digest (small)

Had too much to eat at the free company luncheon? Or maybe you went all out at the all you can eat buffet on vacay? Either way,  our digest tea blend can help you get back to feeling great in no time.

This is a mini version that you can leave at your desk at work or bring on a trip. Feel good and look great - even after the heaviest meal! 

Each package makes 10 cups of tea!

what's in this?


  • alleviates bloating, stomach gas, heartburn and flatulence 
  • calms the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract)
  • eliminates inflammation in the body 
  • stimulates bile flow to improve digestion


  • anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant 
  • reduces nausea and vomiting 
  • relieves heartburn and gas 
  • boosts nutrient absorption 

chen pi

  • anti-viral, anti-oxidant
  • alleviates motion sickness or morning sickness
  • increases gastric enzymes for better digestion